Christmas Reunion

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Snowed in and falling in love?

Once upon a time in the remote mountain town of Angels Glen, the town fathers, intent on reviving business, created their own version of the worldwide custom of couples locking their love.

City girl and dedicated Christmas-aholic, Rebecca MacDonald returns to Angels Glen to operate her family’s inn over the Christmas holidays. She needs to do something right after a costly mistake and plans to create the perfect holiday for visiting VIP guests. The last person she wants to meet is Alec Stewart, her gorgeous, childhood nemesis.

Alec, retired dot-com millionaire and dedicated Scrooge, loves his quiet life as a fishing guide in his small hometown. He’s always had a crush on Becca, his best friend’s baby sister, so when he’s asked to keep her safe while she’s in town, he knows he’s heading for trouble.

While working together to find the perfect Christmas tree, decorating the inn, and building a gingerbread house Alec and Becca grow closer. But can they admit the real magic of the season is love…and lock their own in time for the town’s carol sing Christmas Eve?

Christmas Reunion is the first in a multi-author clean and wholesome, heartwarming Christmas trilogy. Read the stories of all three couples.

Christmas Reunion by Sue Ward Drake
If You Believe in Love by Luanna Stewart
Holiday Hitchhiker by Delsora Lowe


No matter what else he is, Jack Guidry, former New Orleans undercover cop turned bounty hunter, is a stubborn cuss who never gives up. He works all the angles necessary to nab his fugitive, even if that means getting up close and personal with the lovely, but wary French Quarter pastry chef, Grace Comstock.

Grace isn’t talking, certainly not to the handsome rogue who suspiciously pops up everywhere she goes. All she wants is to keep her orphaned niece safe, so when a masked kidnapper ambushes them, she flees New Orleans—straight into the path of a dangerous hurricane.

Though she agrees to talk to Jack, she hadn’t planned to ride out the storm with him. But that’s what happens once he saves her and the baby from drowning. Even though he denies his attraction, Jack can’t help feeling protective of this beautiful, frightened woman. When they wind up fighting for their lives, can Grace trust Jack enough to help him bring his fugitive to justice?

Fleeing the Storm, set in New Orleans, is a standalone emotional romantic suspense with steamy scenes as Jack and Grace learn to trust each other on their way to their Happily Ever After!


***** “These 4 brothers and their stories may be my newest faves for book boyfriends. I can’t wait to read this entire series.”

—Kay BRC, Authors on the Air Book Review Crew


A Big Easy Christmas: A Holiday Duet

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A BIG EASY CHRISTMAS is perfect for fans of feel-good Christmas movies like Sleepless in Seattle or The Holiday

A Big Easy Brothers Family and Friends Holiday Duet


Christmas is only days away and Cath Guidry, French Quarter ghost tour guide, wants to find a special gift for her husband, Mitch, for their first Christmas together. When his elderly aunt suggests refurbishing his abandoned, but beloved, broken watch, she’s on board.

Mitch also needs a special gift to Cath. When her good luck charm chain breaks in a tussle with a purse snatcher, he has a designer create a new necklace. But when Mitch vows to stick to her side through Christmas, how can they keep their special gifts a secret?


When her ex-boyfriend proves impossible to shake, French Quarter cocktail waitress, Rhonda Owens, calls on the handsome New Orleans police detective she met at the Guidry Christmas dinner. Widower Tony LeNoux never expects to find love again, but Rhonda sparkles like a diamond and makes him believe again in a happy ever after.

Will they be able to put their pasts behind them in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve?


This should be easy…

Former Navy deep-sea diver turned bounty hunter, Hal Guidry, needs to collar a fugitive now. Not yesterday. Right now.

But inside the New Orleans mansion, he instead finds a woman who fires his blood. A woman who knows only her name. A woman definitely in danger.

As her memory returns, girl-next-door librarian, Annie Swanson, questions how she knows the oh-so-handsome hunk calling himself a friend. Then she discovers he’s a bounty hunter like the men who killed her father, and she flees…

…only to be nearly kidnapped…in broad daylight…in the French Quarter.

Annie runs to Hal with questions, but when they’re both nearly killed in a fiery explosion, he needs answers of his own.

As the sexual attraction between them heats up, can Annie cast the dice in his favor? Or will they become victims of the deadly forces intent on keeping secrets?

Hal and his brothers have the skills to keep dangerous criminals off the streets and protect the women they love. They don’t need easy.

Casting the Dice, set in New Orleans, is a standalone romantic suspense with steamy scenes and heart-wrenching revelations as Hal and Annie learn to overcome prejudices and pride while fighting for their lives and their Happily Ever After!


***** “… an engaging, exciting and entertaining novel of love, intrigue and family. [Sue Ward Drake] pulls you into the story on page one, with an edge of your seat thrill ride.”

—Dianamcc, reviewer, Romance Junkies



Ex-army ranger Mitch Guidry never should have let his brothers talk him into joining them in the Big Easy. Particularly when they have him going head-to-head with the very last thing he needs: a feisty redhead who has more opinions than even his hard-headed brothers. Loyal and overprotective to a fault, Catherine Hurley will do everything she can to stop Mitch from finding her fugitive brother…and yet, he can’t get enough of her.

Cath should be furious with the overbearing ex-ranger who shows up on her doorstep looking for her brother. Sure, Mitch Guidry is hotter than a Louisiana summer and pushes every one of her buttons, but he’s also an immediate threat to her family, and family is everything to Cath. Unfortunately, the only way to save her brother is to stick to Mitch like glue. But sharing close quarters with him while they search for her missing brother together proves to be more than a little challenging…particularly when it comes to protecting her heart.

Brothers fighting for justice in the dangerous Big Easy

New Orleans, with its sultry, sexy heat and humidity, is a savory gumbo of temptation. For rich food, be it creole or soul or Cajun. For music, be it Dixieland jazz or the hypnotizing drum beat of Congo Square. For sin, be it horseracing, gambling or strip bars. Natives love their city but few take life here as seriously as they should…because trouble never lurks very far away in the moon-drenched crescent called the Big Easy.


“Drake (Hear No Evil) opens her [new] series with this gripping work of romantic suspense…simmering sexual tension grows into a strong, convincing emotional bond in the face of adversity, and the vibrant background of Mardi Gras adds intensity to the action.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“The premise is edgy; the romance is tender; the characters are colorful and energetic.”

The Reading Cafe

“I loved the story line and the bounty hunter brother character.”

Goodreads reader

***** Highly recommended. “Wow I loved this book. I loved the sizzle between Cath and Mitch…I didn’t want this book to end…”

Sue W. on BookBub

“Just finished Walking the Edge. I absolutely loved it!!! The story grabbed me on page one, and didn’t let go. Looking forward to the next!!!”

Mary D., reader

Hear No Evil

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A lonely divorced artist needs a painting commission…
The scarred billionaire agent who grants her the prize…
To complete the job they must travel together to Greece.

Believing she’ll never marry again because of a hearing loss, artist Molly Light wants a generous commission to buy the art school where she teaches children. Encouraged by the school’s owner and a trusted friend she manages to convince a handsome billionaire to choose her for the award.

Scion of a wealthy family, Stefanos Metadorakis has dedicated himself to humanitarian service. Intent on redeeming himself for a failed mission, he accompanies Molly to Greece to track her movements and prevent her aiding the brutal dictator responsible for his ruined hands.

But Stefanos finds himself falling hard for the woman he needs to hate, and Molly, in turn, with an enigmatic man she can’t trust. When threatening strangers keep showing up, she believes she’s safest on her own. But will she instead become a pawn in a deadly international conspiracy?


*****  A must read romantic suspense, emphasis on Romance!!!   – Diana Mcc, Romance Junkies

***** Full of suspense!
“…empathetic character… Molly that I rooted for during her entire ordeal… The scene descriptions for the Greek Isles were terrific and I felt like I was there swimming in the Mediterranean waters. Highly recommend! –Bama Girl, Amazon

See No Evil

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A scarred billionaire boss with a dangerous past…
His beautiful assistant secretly in love with him…
On the run for their lives in a foreign land.

When marine engineer, Nikos Metadorakis, invites his lovely assistant, Erin Raffelo, the woman he secretly adores, along on his last overseas trip, he expects to be at the Athens shipyard. Instead, he must travel to Lidracros, a place he fled as a child.

In another lifetime Nikos shepherded a prisoner from the clutches of the dictator who still rules half the island. When his own family is annihilated, he’s adopted and brought up in the wealthy Metadorakis shipping family.

Erin, pretty, smart and resourceful, has had a crush on Nikos forever. At a turning point in her life, she’s desperate to discover her boss’s faults so she can file him in the folder labeled Forget.

Kidnapped on the orders of Nikos’s childhood nemesis, now a powerful enemy colonel, they manage to escape. On the run, they discover each other’s feelings and grow closer. But, stranded and hunted in hostile territory, can they reach freedom before they’re captured—or killed?

Speak No Evil





A former military special ops…
And a shy medical researcher…
Go on the run when deadly forces threaten.

Brainy microbiology investigator, Gwen MacLaine, temporarily in charge of her research laboratory, needs to prove herself. So when she’s followed across New York City to retrieve a book for her roommate, she grows increasingly wary.

Will Strongbow, ex-military intelligence officer, now marine engineer for Metadorakis Shipping, is immediately struck by smart, beautiful Gwen. But someone is stalking her, and Will’s not about to let her out of his sight.

As they race through the streets and subways of Manhattan, the sizzle simmering between them grows stronger. When she discovers the stranger’s still trailing her and her fear ignites, Will offers his help.

With a bad breakup in her recent past, Gwen’s intent on keeping her distance. But can they ignore their attraction as they work together to keep her laboratory safe? Or will passion catch fire?